Pleiadian Energy Therapy

Terapia Holística

Our planet is experiencing a process of accelerated transformation that takes place every 13,000 years. More changes are manifesting to physical and energetic levels and we feel these changes on a personal level.  If we don’t spend some time on a daily basis to connect ourselves with Source, we can manifest imbalance and all kind of sicknesses.

All sicknesses can be healed if we harmonize the root cause present in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Also, if we come into awareness of external factors that cause us such imbalance: neurotoxic perfumes dairy products, meat, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, recreational drugs, sugar, microwave, caffeine, hormones, stress, lack of sleep, lack of contact with nature, limited beliefs related to the opposite sex and money, the repression of emotions, long term exposure to electronic devices (TV, computers, cell phones, wireless networks, etc), toxic information from the media and exposure to negative people.

My focus is to guide you in the process to reconnect yourself with your Higher Self of the light, with Mother Earth and Father Universe, as well as, to help you to release factors that are causing you inner and outer conflict. These sessions are effective in person and over the phone, since we are primarily energy and we are all interconnected through the time and space. Some of these techniques were utilized by millenary civilizations such us Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

At the beginning of the session, I will identify your core issues for the present moment. The objective is to heal your aura, chakras, soul, subconscious, unconscious and energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral) through the following processes:

  • Removing possessions (entities, spirits, energetic parasites, black magic and control devices)
  • Eliminating negative beliefs and contracts that stock your spiritual growth and that can be affecting you from past lives
  • Removing energies of trauma, pain and shock
  • Removing energetic cords from other people from this life time and from past lives
  • Repairing energetic matrixes and sacred geometry
  • Eliminating negative patterns of fear
  • Healing past lives
  • Healing your Soul including black holes
  • Clearing and activating your Kundalini energy and your tantric channels
  • Healing your inner child
  • Getting information from your Akashic records.


I also offer more advanced processes which are described below, for those who are interested in working more consistently and getting to the next level of clearing and healing.

  • Nervous system healing/clearing:The nervous system gets degenerated and congested through living in the modern world, which causes difficulties connecting with higher vibrational frequencies and to be able to channel those energies in the physical body. Once your nervous systems is clear and healed, you will experience a sense of balance and wellbeing which will allow you to raise your vibration. It can be done in person only and the duration is 90 minutes.
  • Astral Body healing:The astral is the energy body that leaves the physical body while we are sleeping/dreaming and it looks like you. Both bodies are connected through a silver cord in the 3rd chakra (solar plexus chakra). Through the years our astral body has been exposed to positive and negative encounters with nonphysical Beings of light and darkness depending on the vibration that you had right before going to bed. Every time that you had consumed alcohol, recreational drugs or when you maintained for a consistent time low vibrational frequency emotions such as depression, anger, revenge or fear; it is highly probable that you had attacks in the astral plane and your astral body is holding the shock, pain and it could even have missing some parts of the astral body, which affect the physical body. The duration of this healing depends on the state of your astral body (minimum 2 hours).
  • 8 original cells healing/clearing:The 8 original cells are the first cells that are created in a new human being after conception. They bring information from previous lifetimes that influence our personalities, health and other areas in life. By doing this process, the person has the opportunity to go to the next level of evolution by releasing a lot of karmatic programming. These cells are located in the perineum area and is not available for pregnant women. It can be done in person and by distance. The duration is 6 hours.
  • Flushing of the 7 main chakras:This process aligns the chakras from the conscious and subconscious side after individual healing/clearing in their new way and helps to integrate all the changes deeply and releases traces of the old negative programming. It can be done only in person using the hands and the duration is 90 minutes.
  • Organ/gland cellular clearing: This process heals a specific organ or gland on a cellular level, allowing the organ/gland to release the root programming that was causing illness or sensibility and stimulates its healing and activation. It can cause cleansing reactions after it is performed, such us diarrhea and rashes on the skin and it is not available for pregnant women. The duration of this process is 2 hours.
  • Ka channel activation and opening:KA is the electrical, light-body circuitry that exists identically and simultaneously on the third through to the sixth dimension and that ultimately functions on all those dimensions to anchor and contain your Christ Presence in form. It is the interface between spirit, dimension and form that allows us to move through dimensions in our highest evolved "physical" form. For a more detailed explanation please see The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin.
    Through this "hands on" clearing and activation procedure you will be able to release density from a series of 16 pairs of Ka channels and to anchor your Higher Self energy more deeply through your physical body. This is a very advanced process and the duration is about 30 hours. It is not available for pregnant woman.

1 Session

90 minutes

Package of 5 sessions

7.5 hours
(Save $150)

Package of 10 sessions

15 Hours
(Save $500)