Pleiadian Energy Therapy


This program has been created for those who are interested and ready to heal deep rooted core issues (conscious and sub conscious) from past and present life times in a short period of time (1 week). The processes that I will apply during the program are part of the advanced trainings given at the Dolphin Star Temple in Mt. Shasta. These processes are only available to advanced healers and I wanted to make them available to others with no previous healing training. At the same time you will learn several effective techniques to keep working on your own after the program is completed, so you can help yourself to maintain a high vibration regardless of your life challenges back home. Also, you will have the opportunity to do some tourism in the largest city in Ecuador and the closest beach town located 2 hours away from Guayaquil.

The program is all inclusive from the moment you land to Guayaquil-Ecuador to the moment that you take your flight back home (Flight tickets are not included).

  • Transportation
  • Local tours
  • Private room/bathroom in my home in Guayaquil and at the beach house (General Villamil Playas-according to UNESCO, Playas offers the 2nd best weather in the world)
  • Organic – vegan - gluten free meals for the most part
  • Quantum Magnetic Body analysis (1,5 hours)
  • Welcome full body relaxation massage (1 hour)
  • Sweat lodge (optional) (2 hours)
  • Bio-magnetism session (1 hour)
  • Liver/gallbladder cleansing program (arrival)
  • Colon cleansing program
  • Nervous system healing session (1,5 hours)
  • Pleiadian Lightwork session (1,5 hours)
  • Astral body healing session (2 hours)
  • Bone marrow healing session (1 hour)
  • Brain Re-Patterning healing session (1 hour)
  • 8 original cells clearing and healing session (6 hours)
  • Several baths with healing plants within sessions
  • Daily meditations
  • Several processes (audio files) to work on (spare time)
  • Several breathing techniques
  • Personalized Bach flower essences
  • Access to my home amenities such as: TV Cable, swimming pool, laundry, patio, Wi-Fi, living room, dining room, etc.

Total package: $2,522 USD.

 Note: During the 1 week intensive healing program I won’t be doing sessions with any other clients, so I will be able to focus all my time and energy to the person who books the program. Therefore, I am only doing this program 1 week per month, so I can continue assisting my regular clients during the other 3 weeks of the month through remote sessions and sessions in person.
Below you will find more information regarding some of the healing processes that I offer in this program.

  • Bio-magnetism:is a therapy that allows the practitioner to diagnose and to treat illnesses caused by microorganisms such us virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites using ceramic magnets with low power. By placing the magnets in several points of the body the PH in the body is balanced from acidic to alkaline in a few minutes and as a result of that change allows the body to get rid of the microorganisms, improve the endocrine glands performance, assist releasing stress and boost the energy levels. The duration is 1 hour.
  • Nervous system healing/clearing:The nervous system gets degenerated and congested through living in the modern world, which causes difficulties connecting with higher vibrational frequencies and to be able to channel those energies in the physical body. Once your nervous systems is clear and healed, you will experience a sense of balance and wellbeing which will allow you to raise your vibration. It can be done in person only and the duration is 90 minutes.
  • Astral Body healing:The astral is the energy body that leaves the physical body while we are sleeping/dreaming and it looks like you. Both bodies are connected through a silver cord in the 3rd chakra (solar plexus chakra). Through the years our astral body has been exposed to positive and negative encounters with nonphysical Beings of light and darkness depending on the vibration that you had right before going to bed. Every time that you had consumed alcohol, recreational drugs or when you maintained for a consistent time low vibrational frequency emotions such as depression, anger, revenge or fear; it is highly probable that you had attacks in the astral plane and your astral body is holding the shock, pain and it could even have missing some parts of the astral body, which affect the physical body. The duration of this healing depends on the state of your astral body (minimum 2 hours).
  • 8 original cells healing/clearing:The 8 original cells are the first cells that are created in a new human being after conception. They bring information from previous lifetimes that influence our personalities, health and other areas in life. By doing this process, the person has the opportunity to go to the next level of evolution by releasing a lot of karmatic programming. These cells are located in the perineum area and is not available for pregnant women. It can be done in person and by distance. The duration is 6 hours.



Roberto is a beautiful soul who I’ve been doing energy work with while in Toronto, and also part of the reason I came to Ecuador. He has helped me clear past life contracts, opened up and activated my chakras, worked to realign my bio magnetic and nervous system paths, and has been a great guide to opening my awareness to life more fully. Our work was intense at times, but very helpful at opening up what needed to be shown some light.

Adam M. – Toronto

‘I am honored to know Roberto and have had the opportunity to work with him. He walks his path with the highest integrity and discernment, honesty and love. His commitment to this path, and his own healing, along with his gifts allow him to meet you where you’re ready to heal. He acts as a guide, empowering you to heal yourself, while gently nudging you along to assist you in bringing consciousness to old patterns and trauma and shadows. If you’re prepared to take responsibility for your own healing, Roberto is a skilled practitioner and trusted guide to help you navigate through the shadows toward greater self-love and acceptance.’

Charity C. – Vancouver

I experienced deep shifts and reconnection on retreat with Roberto in Ecuador. The work we did together during the intensive contributed a great deal to opening up an entirely new life path for me. I felt received with great care and commitment to my healing process.  Im using the tools he shared on retreat as part of my regular practice now. I feel they are supporting me to feel lighter and more connected each day. He is an incredible integrated healer and teacher. Thank you Roberto for this most amazing healing opportunity. I’m looking forward to Level 2! 

Mary C.- Toronto

"Not only was Roberto's week-long intensive an enjoyable and restful vacation for me, but it was deeply transformative in invaluable ways that are becoming clearer and more tangible as I integrate the work we did. Roberto was a thoughtful and welcoming host, and the healing sessions were powerful. Thank you again, Roberto!"

Lindsay L. – Toronto

Thank you Roberto for the experience and healing you lovingly shared with me while I was visiting you in beautiful Ecuador. It was delightful and an experience I hold close to my heart. 

Love and light my friend. 

Jana S.- Toronto

-Roberto’s intuitive nature and thoughtfully developed program helped me cleanse every part of me. He carefully combined many techniques and helped me find my way in an authentic, practical manner. Every treatment, cleanse, menu option and event makes this retreat unique. I left Ecuador feeling stronger, free and full of possibilities. Roberto is a genuine, kind soul who I am forever grateful to. Living and breathing as my true self and in my rightful path feels amazing. Thank you Roberto.

Mireya M.- Toronto

-I had the immense pleasure to work with Roberto in his intensive healing program in Ecuador. The house is spacious, welcoming and the food was absolutely delicious. The program was well thought of, every day filled with a perfect balance of meditation and treatments.

I came back with such an amazing sense of self, calm, focus, and ready to conquer the world.  I have a better understanding of my aura and all its bodies.

He helped me cutting unhealthy energy cords, clearing many old patterns from past and present life time and shared with me several tools to tackle any challenges that may arise. I spent a wonderful and transformative week and I am so grateful to have found you.

You are an amazing teacher. Thank you Roberto

Sophie A.- Toronto

Spending a week with Roberto in his finely tuned Intensive Program was the best thing I could have done for myself and everyone around me.  We delved into a variety of practices to clear the body, mind and spirit, allowing access to higher vibrational levels of consciousness and a pure lightness of being. This was truly a physically, emotionally, and spiritually transformative experience. Thank you Roberto.

Sheila G.- Toronto