What is Pleiadian Lightwork?

It is a truly unique and holistic healing technique that does not only cure physical and mental symptoms but actually cures the underlying cause of a problem, even if it has already manifested in a physical form. This technique equally takes care of one’s body, mind and soul, it changes thinking and behavioral patterns, and it empowers each “Pleiadian Lightworker” to find his or her own true Self through spiritual growth. It has given better health, more self-esteem and self-confidence, and a deeper understanding for life in general to thousands who have experienced this technique.

How does this therapy work from the distance?

Every person in this planet has a vibrational frequency that can be tuned by pronouncing the name and/or with a picture. Once I am in trance, I am capable of tuning with your frequency wherever you are.

Why is it necessary to do some exercises to be able to experience this therapy?

These exercises will help you to connect yourself with Mother Earth, Father Universe and with your Higher Self of the light. By doing these exercises, you will start your healing process. They are described in the book The Pleiadian Workbook from Amorah Quan Yin (chapters 5, 6 and 13). For those who are interested in having a session, you can request a summary of these chapters.

How many sessions do I need to have in order to experience results?

Every person will experience different results depending on their own processes, but you will definitely feel changes from the first session; a state of general wellbeing, more clarity and inner peace. The Pleiadian Energy Therapy will allow you to release traumatic experiences from this and previous life times in a subtle and elegant way.

What’s the suggested frequency within sessions?

After every session I will give you some assignments so you can continue to work on your own before the next session. It is recommended to have a weekly session to every 2 weeks, so I can follow up your progress. The number of session will depend on the interest and commitment that every person has on its own personal growth.

Who are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light?

They are collective beings of light who live in the 5th dimension (Pleiades stellar system) with responsibilities and diverse roles, including the protectors of Earth and the Solar system. They are coming to bring awareness about our evolution and to guide us toward the next steps. They are beings that practice the unconditional love to all that exists.

What to expect from a session?

At the beginning of the session, the client will be seated, we will have a little chat and after that he/she will lay down. In both periods there will be exchange of energy. There is no need to touch the client during the session and all sessions include healing with quartz crystals. The duration of the session is 90 minutes and it can be done in person, through the phone or Skype.

Can a person with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol have access to a session?

Yes, however your body needs to be completely free of drugs and alcohol for at least one week, otherwise I won’t be able to perform the session.

What’s the fee per session?

The fee is $200 USD. The payment can be done in cash (when the session is in person), credit card, Paypal and money transfer (Money Gram/Western Union). For clients who are interested in a deeper healing, I offer a package which includes 5 sessions for $850 USD (you save $150USD dollars).


Note: I want to clarify that the purpose of this session is not to read your past lives just for fun, neither to read your luck. I will let you know whatever your Higher Self shows me what is more urgent for you to work on.