Pleiadian Energy Therapy

What is Pleiadian Lightwork?

It is a truly unique and holistic healing technique that does not only cure physical and mental symptoms but actually cures the underlying cause of a problem, even if it has already manifested in a physical form. This technique equally takes care of one’s body, mind and soul, it changes thinking and behavioral patterns, and it empowers each “Pleiadian Lightworker” to find his or her own true Self through spiritual growth. It has given better health, more self-esteem and self-confidence, and a deeper understanding for life in general to thousands who have experienced this technique.

What is the Dolphin Star Temple?
What is a Mystery School?
How does this therapy work from the distance?
Why is it necessary to do some exercises to be able to experience this therapy?
How many sessions do I need to have in order to experience results?
What’s the suggested frequency within sessions?
Who are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light?
What to expect from a session?
Can a person with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol have access to a session?

Note: I want to clarify that the purpose of this session is not to read your past lives just for fun, neither to read your luck. I will let you know whatever your Higher Self shows me what is more urgent for you to work on.