Pleiadian Energy Therapy

Terapia Pleyadiana
Terapia Pleyadiana


I am a clairsentient (ability to feel emotional states and energetic fields of others) energy healer with 23 years of experience. Over the years, I have developed the precise ability to identify your limiting core beliefs (ego personality) and karmic lessons that you bring from past lives and this life.

I journey into your conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind to accurately reveal, heal and transform past wounds which are disempowering you, specially deep-seated and suppressed negative emotions while holding a safe and sacred space that is required in order to facilitate deep healing.

As an indigo child, I was very interested in exploring the spiritual world from a wider perspective other than a religion. Since then, I studied and practiced several old sciences for personal growth such us: Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Numerology, law of attraction, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and some healing techniques such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Healing with crystals, magnets and most recently healing techniques with the assistance of Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and nonphysical beings from the Star nations such as the Pleiadian, Syrian and Andromedan Emissaries of Light.

I am originally from Ecuador. I’ve had the good fortune to be certified in several Ashrams and recognized Personal Growth centers in Ecuador, Chile, USA and Canada. I am a Minister, spiritual healer and teacher of the Dolphin Star Temple located at Mt. Shasta, California, USA.


My mission is to facilitate the process of raising consciousness. I aim to help anyone who is committed in their own Self-growth so they can reach a state of bliss, prosperity, purpose, health, abundance, peace, happiness, unity and harmony through private reading/healing sessions, meditation and personal development seminars, online healing programs and Pleiadian Lightwork trainings.