Pleiadian Energy Therapy

This space is dedicated to share my desire to serve and help others through Self-growth. We can all co-create a better planet with harmony, peace, love, equality and prosperity. We are ONE!

It is time to remember that we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS living a temporary human experience. It is time to accept everything we have experienced in the past free of judgement, free of shame, free of fear, free of denial and free of avoidance. You and only you have the power to live in the present and shape your life by following what you know at heart what the right path is.

-Roberto Játiva-




I love working with Roberto! His ability to see what’s happening on so many levels is amazing! I truly feel his genuine kindness and support for my personal growth and for that I am very grateful and plan to continue his healing sessions on a regular basis. If you are looking for support on a spiritual journey I highly recommend working with Roberto.
Roberto exudes wonderful, positive energy. Even after just one session, I felt much more aware of -- and in tune with -- myself. I felt a great sense of lightness and wellbeing. I have no doubt that Roberto is capable to helping people heal themselves from all walks of life.

Roberto and the therapy that he applies are very effective for me. He has helped me to progress in life, get insights and inner happiness and peace. Roberto is a wise person with big heart and he knows well his work. I sincerely recommend him.